Linda McCartney - photographer, mother and pioneer of the food industry, who combined the passion for good, tasty nutrition into innovative and revolutionary products.


Linda McCartney believed in the perfect taste, honest meatless diet, and shared the grief with food.

Linda McCartney develops affordable vegetarian products for everyone. Clear in the brand language, convenient to prepare, tasty in taste.


Linda McCartney's employees and the McCartney family are part of the brand, passionately guiding Linda's holistic vegetarian passion.


All Linda McCartney products are flavour enhancers, artificial colours and no preservatives, and recommended by the English Vegetarian Society. Many products also have a vegan certificate!

Meat Like Substitutes That Have A Mindblowing Taste & Texture! 
We asked a number of celebrity chefs around the world what do they think about our burgers and other "meat" like products in our range. Of course, we DIDN'T tell them it's not meat.
Guess what? They couldn't see the difference!
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